H.1434 An Act relative to health education in women's correctional Institutions

Type:  Criminal Justice and Women's Corrections 

This legislation would require the Department of Correction (DOC) to make available to all women entering the facility written information on women’s health, contraception, and sexually transmitted infections.  The information brochure would be created by the Department of Public Health and offered in the native languages of the incarcerated women. The bill would further require the DOC to offer and provide incarcerated women with access to birth control.  Not less than four months prior to the release date of the female prisoner, the medical director of the correctional institution where the offender resides would offer the prisoner contraception counseling and a gynecological exam including a Pap Test.  Upon her release, the female prisoner would also receive a referral to a community health center for follow up care. Additionally, the legislation would require the superintendent of each correctional institution with incarcerated women to offer courses on health education open to all eligible women.  The courses should include, but not be limited to, the following topics: general health, nutrition, mental health, sexual education, domestic violence, substance abuse, women’s health concerns, sexually transmitted infections, contraception, and emergency contraception (this is a refile of H.1431).