Newton Cultural Alliance Calendar of Events

Date :29-Jan-2017   Sunday  
Time : All day
Type:  Update 

The Newton Cultural Alliance (NCA) always has events going on in the Newton Community! To view the list of events, please visit their calendar here.


Who is the Newton Cultural Alliance (NCA)
The NCA is a consortium of Newton-based non-profit arts and cultural organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life in Newton through programming and collaborative work promoting arts and culture in Newton.

There are three prongs to NCA's goals:
Advocacy and awareness – Economic development – Facilities

NCA seeks to build awareness of the richness in cultural activity that exists in Newton and the potential for even greater activity. The resources of the city are diverse and widespread.

  • Build public awareness through branding, a comprehensive web site and a cultural calendar to include the multitude of cultural opportunities and venues.
  • Seek economic stimulus and development for the City of Newton through cultural tourism and development of arts and cultural partnerships with the business community of the area.
  • Consider and develop a short/medium term as well as a long-term plan for shared cultural facility(ies) to house offices, classrooms, rehearsal and teaching spaces and ultimately performance space.

Vision & Mission
The Newton Cultural Alliance is a coalition of non-profit cultural organizations whose mission is to promote, sustain and enhance Culture in Newton in service to the community. The NCA has been created to actively promote concepts and ideas of culture and arts for the City of Newton and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The NCA is designed as a resource for the entire community to inspire, educate and bring together audiences and artists to celebrate the arts and enrich the cultural life in Newton. It serves as a gathering place for the community at large and cultivates the creation and continuance of youth programs and opportunities for multi-generational interaction designed to broaden social skills and knowledge in the cultural arts. The NCA assists and supports non- profit organizations that sponsor programs that further these purposes and encourages and promotes culture and arts within the various villages of the City of Newton. The collective efforts of the organizations living, breathing and working as part of the NCA will bring broad and diverse constituencies to the City of Newton. The strength and challenge of the NCA revolve around this collaborative effort of several small non-profit cultural groups. Collectively, the NCA members reach an estimated 60,000 patrons annual for their programs, concerts, festivals and workshops.