Newton South students tour Statehouse

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NEWTON - Newton South  High School’s Leadership and Diversity class visited the Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston on Jan. 6.

Students had the opportunity to meet with state Rep. Kay Khan, D-Newton, and received a detailed tour of the Statehouse. In the informational session, Khan answered the students’ many questions.


“I really liked learning about local government and seeing the similarities and differences between this system versus government on a national level,” said Bella Gribov, a junior from Newton South.


The tour guide then offered a perspective on Massachusetts’ governmental history. Students learned the origins of various idioms, like the expression “it costs an arm and a leg,” which originates from the costliness of limbs in paintings, multiple limbs painted in a portrait were a sign of that person’s wealth, as the intricacy of painting fingers resulted in a higher cost.


The tour guide then led the students into the Hall of Flags, a cavernous room housing over 400 city flags. As they were exiting the hall, students spotted the Newton city flag and took a picture. The day concluded with pizza, courtesy of Khan, in one of the meeting rooms. While students ate, Khan walked around and answered any lingering questions.