Nonantum Road

Nonantum Road runs along the Charles River through parts of Brighton, Watertown, and Newton. The project is aimed at increasing safety, both for vehicles along the roadway and for cyclists and pedestrians along the nearby multi-use path. The improvements to Nonantum Road were recommended in DCR’s April 2002 Master Plan for the Charles River Basin. The study to examine the improvements was completed by Fay, Spofford & Thorndike in June 2006.  Public meetings over the course of both the Master Plan and the study indicated broad support for this project. Earlier this fall, $7.9 million was designated in economic stimulus funding for the Nonantum Road Safety Improvement Project in Watertown, Newton and Boston as part of the Massachusetts Economic Recovery Plan. This funding will be used for upgrades to Nonantum Road, making it safer for pedestrians and drivers. These federal stimulus funds will also provide people with jobs while making much needed improvements to our transportation infrastructure.