Women in Prison

Representative Khan is the Co-Chair of the task force on Women in the Criminal Justice System along with Representative Ellen Story (D-Amherst), which came to existence through the Caucus of Women Legislators. Through this task force, she has established a working group which meets frequently and includes legislators, advocates, academics and community leaders who share an interest in helping women who enter the criminal justice system and the effect on the children of these women. While proven and effective services and placement exist for the far larger male population, many of the complexities of providing similar services for women are still under discussion. Most Recently, the Caucus of Women Legislators and the Women in Prison Task Force held an informational forum with speakers such as Under Secretary Mary Beth Heffernan of EOPSS and Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral. Speakers discussed the ten-year master plan being developed for the state’s prison system. According to Heffernan, addressing the distinctive issues surrounding the female prison population in Massachusetts is of high priority in the plan.